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The main port of entry is Sal International Airport, and direct flights operate to there from many UK and continental European airports. For local transport, licensed taxis are recognisable by their yellow stripe on light blue colour scheme. Prices are regulated, with separate day and night time tariffs, and it is advisable to get a price for your journey before you start.

To find cheap flights to Sal in Cape Verde, select your preferred departure airport on the map below, then click on "SHOW FLIGHTS". If no map is displayed in your browser, click the link for "Cheap Flights to Sal, Cape Verde". If you click on "SHOW FLIGHTS" without selecting an airport, you will be presented with a list of flights from all UK airports.

Driving in Cape Verde

Cape Verdeans drive on the right hand side of the road. You must be 18 years of age or older and be in possession of a valid driving license to hire a car. Third party insurance is a legal requirement, and you are also required to have all documentation, including passport, in your possession. Seat belts must be worn, and children under 12 must sit in the back. Legal speed limits are 80kph on the highways and 30kph in urban areas. Roadside parking must be in the direction of the traffic and not on speed bumps. Traffic fines are payable only at the central police office. Petrol Stations are usually located on the outskirts of towns and villages - look out for Enacol and Shell, and petrol stations are full- rather self-service.